Direct has a large operations team, in-house production facilities, and a palatial warehousing unit. Our production team consists of professionals from Architecture, Engineering, Design, Fabrication and the Audio-visual industry.

We take great pride in the fact that we own most of the equipment used at our events. This allows us to deliver the best quality of service in the least possible time.

In-house infrastructure consists of Mackie Audio systems, Panasonic Projectors, Draper hi-gain screens, Still & video recording (digital & analog), Premier Video editing suite, Staging, Lights, Power tools, Wireless sets, G4 Macs, High speed printers, CD duplication equipment.

Every event has a CAD layout plan and 3D imaging. 3D animation walk-throughs are also done on client request.

Speed is an essential element of our operations. Pre-fabrication of all sets and props is done at our workshop. A Standard audio setup takes 10 minutes using active speaker technology. Video Projection setup in 15 minutes with pre-fabricated screens and collapsible metal screens from Draper (USA).


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